'A huge thank you Shelly, as I don't know how I would have got through this time. You've helped me overcome something I've been anxious about for years so once again, sincere thanks.

I am no longer an irrational quivering wreck, down to you Shelly. Looking forward to tackling my next goal, just as you say, one step at a time. Thank you.'


'To the uninitiated, hypnosis may be seen simply as a stage act that embarrasses the participant. Nothing could be further from the truth. Relaxing in Shelly’s peaceful therapy room listening to her voice gently guiding and educating is an incredible experience.

The process is person centred, with written explanations provided at the start of the therapeutic relationship, and a CD of relaxation exercises provided as part of the process.

During hypnosis sessions reassurance is given to ensure that one really does feel safe and able to fully relax.

Did hypnosis help me? Yes, most definitely. I feel more relaxed than I have for some time. The phobia for which I underwent therapy has become more manageable and I find myself more in control of anxious thoughts than seemed possible before treatment started.

The wider effects of this have made travelling (my problem area) easier for the whole family.

Would I recommend hypnosis? The answer has to be ‘yes’ It’s safe, medication free, and liberating. Do I cluck like a chicken – No!


I highly recommend anybody thinking of having a hypno band to go for it,it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

I have tried all different diets in the past with poor results but then I heard about the hypno band and I’ve lost well over a stone in 6 weeks.

I feel so much better and healthier in myself already and I’m seeing the results in my clothes which are too big!!! Also you get ongoing help and support throughout so you’re not alone. Amy Peel


Prior to my sessions, I couldn’t go to sleep without leaving a night lamp on, in the fear of waking up in the night in a traumatic state of mind with no control, causing a lot of distress to myself and ultimately ‘feeding my fear’. After only having three sessions of hypnotherapy, I have seen so much improvement. Now I feel comfortable falling asleep in the dark and should I wake up in the night, I feel fully in control of the situation.

I feel that hypnotherapy has shifted my mindset on the subconscious level, enabling me to deal with my phobias, by handing me back the control – initially falling asleep in the dark and should I wake up in the night, I do with no fear of there being any danger to my life!

I will definitely continue taking hypnotherapy sessions from Shelly on a regular basis to generally promote good health, but slightly changing the focus to relaxation. I strongly believe that having ‘a relaxed state of mind’ is the foundation to build and then to go onto deal with whatever there may be lying there dormant from years preventing good health and well-being.

Shelly is a professional hypnotherapist, who clearly puts all her training into practice by designing tailor – made therapy sessions, specifically to meet your needs.Kay.


'I needed support to overcome specific anxiety problems and also to generally increase my self-confidence around people in large groups so that I no longer felt quietly intimidated. I highly recommend this counsellor as my treatment was carried out in a friendly informal manner and in pleasant, comfortable surroundings. I have felt the benefits of my counselling therapy and hypnosis which I wish I had experienced sooner.Jasmin


Very professional and friendly at the same time. I really feel that the sessions I have had so far are helping me a lot'Chris


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